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DeeperROOT Capacity Building, CDC  Georgia Non-Profit  

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Our Mission is to serve as a focal point to transform the way small businesses, non-profit, faith-based community organizations and entrepreneur’s develop, plan and implement vision and mission statements.


Our Corporate Vision is to lead, drive and implement realistic and sound strategies to maximize organizational effectiveness.  


To achieve Our Vision we have implemented a specialized curriculum of four core capacities that are essential to an organizations growth.


  ►Adaptive Capacity, Leadership Capacity

 ►Technical Capacity, Management Capacity


"And The Capacity To Care and Love "

The Business Journal have shown in repeated studies that most small businesses struggle in the first five years-- not because they don't have a good product or service to offer but because the businesses are ill prepared for all the "supportive" work that has to be done to manage and grow the business.

POTENTIAL: Demands that you never settle for what you have accomplished, but rather reach beyond the walls of limitations and move forward with new ideas and concepts that could be profitable for a new entrepreneur with an innovative venture.

"And we know that when you embrace an inclusive vision of entrepreneurship, one that draws entrepreneurs of all demographics, backgrounds and locations, not only do the businesses they start succeed, America succeeds!"

President Barack Obama  2013  


"Providing Solutions To Transform How Small Businesses Develop, Plan and Implement Vision and Mission Statements"


Transitioning History Into The Twenty-First Century

Augusta is known for its opulent history serving as the capital of Georgia after the Revolutionary War. In the early 20th Century, its suburban area served as summer resorts for Southerners, and later winter resorts for Northerners.   In 1996 the governments of the City of Augusta and Richmond County combined to form a single governing body simply known today as “ Augusta, Georgia.  

In 1945 F.W. Woolworth built the now Historic Woolworth five and dime store located on Broad Street in Augusta Georgia, during a time when African American where not revered as equal citizens.   Woolworth made national headline on February 1, 1960 when four African American college students sat down at a lunch counter and politely asked for service.  Their request was refused!


When asked to leave, they remained in their seats.  Their passive resistance and peaceful sit-down demand helped ignite a youth-led movement to challenge racial inequality throughout the South.  Their commitment ultimately led to the desegregation of the F. W. Woolworth lunch counter on July 25, 1960.   After expanding 52 years in business  Woolworth  closed its doors in 1997.




Greensboro First Day

Ezell A. Blair, Jr. (now Jibreel Khazan), Franklin E. McCain, Joseph A. McNeil, and David L. Richmond leave the Woolworth store after the first sit-in on February 1, 1960.
(Courtesy of Greensboro
News and Record)

The Augusta Veterans Metro-Plex (AVMP) will usher in a fresh innovative blueprint that will preserve Woolworth’s historic prominence and construct a cost-effective bridge to create opportunities, economic growth and sustainability for the region.  A very unique urban destination of cultural mix-use in-town living, jr. anchor retail, a wellness life center, business & conference center and roof top restaurant and entertainment.

To accomplish our Vision, we have collaborated with several partners to provide supportive services to Veterans as they re-establish themselves back into the communities they have so passionately protected.  DSPII,  DeeperROOT Capacity Building, CDC, The Family Health Centers of  GA, CT's Contracting, Office Metropolitan,  DAV, AVSO, Government Agencies are among the partnership team of consultants to assist with Application Processing, Property Management, Healthcare, IT& Communications, Marketing, Employment and On-the-job Training, Continued Education and Life Skilled Management, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Services.

The Augusta Veterans Metro-Plex (AVMP) situated and standing strong on Broad Street will be a cornerstone to be reckoned with. Alongside the AVMP are other premier office buildings which are within walking distance of the prestigious Riverwalk; the Wachovia Building, the James Brown Monument & Arena, Morris Communications Complex, and the Lamar Building, the SunTrust Building and the Marriott Hotel connecting to I-20 and access to U.S. Highway 1. So whether you're transitioning through the beautiful landscapes of Augusta, working in the city or attending a class or just enjoying live entertainment  you are sure to find The Augusta Metro-Plex a place filled with excitement and a culture of  rich  history.

The NolaTown Development Group in partnership with DeeperROOT Community Development Corporation and DPSII to design, develop and brand the Historic Woolworth as The Augusta Veterans Metro-Plex a 21st. Century Vision, nestled in the heart of Augusta's downtown business district will include  a complete Renovation, Energy Efficient and Certified Green Beautification.   

 Executive, Director Gloria Fleets

A 21st Century Boutique Hotel Trainsitional Housing Metro-Plex to Include Business & Entrepreneur Conference Center, Certification Training, Restaurant and Entertainment


"You Have The Potential To Believe Impossibilities Into Possibilities"   Mark 9-23.....Dr. Myles Munroe



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